Legal Advice

1.- Introduction

The object of this document is to regulate the RULES OF USE and to safeguard the PROTECTION OF THE USERS of (hereinafter, owned by HACIENDA DEL MONASTERIO.COM. (hereinafter HM), with corporate address at calle Monasterio, 33, 39438 Silió Cantabria, telephone 34 677 57 47 65. The terms “You” and “USER” are used herein to refer to the individuals or entities that access this web site for whatever reason.

Through and its other official web sites, HM aims to bring the world of HM closer to its users. To this end, through and its other official web sites, HM provides users with information on it hotel and other services, such as on-line Room Reservations, Pre-Reservation Services, Hotel Finder, Rates Finder, the Pre-Reservation of Function Rooms (hereinafter the Services).

The use of this site and/or its services presupposes user’s complete and unconditional agreement with and the validity of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions stipulated in the latest updated version of these Rules of Use. Consequently, user must be aware of the importance of reading these rules each time it visits . Access to and/or the use of certain services on offer to users (hereinafter user) at may be subject to certain conditions which, depending on the case, may replace, amend and/or complete these Rules of Use, meaning that user must read and accept these conditions before accessing and/or using the services and contents.

2.- Use of the website and services

2.1 User undertakes to use the site and the services made available through it in accordance with the Law, decency, respectability and law and order and the provisions of these Rules of Use. Consequently, user has the obligation of refraining from using and the services for illicit purposes and effects and/or contrary to what is established in these Rules of Use, in a manner that may be injurious to the rights and/or interests of third parties or that may in any way harm HM and/or its image or the site or prevent its normal use or the Services accessed via the site by other users.

2.2 For greater efficiency in the working of its site for the benefit of its users, HM may at any time and without prior warning unilaterally modify any substantial aspect of the site, the Services it provides or the operational, technical or usage conditions of Similarly, with a view to improving the service and establishing an optimum quality level (the ultimate aim of HM), users are invited to suggest any modifications they may consider useful by sending an e-mail to the persons responsible for the site at the following address:

2.3 Users of must abide by any instructions that,HM or its duly authorized personnel may send by e-mail.

3.- Protection by HM of Users’ Personal Data

Whenever a user it is voluntarily providing data of a personal type (hereinafter Personal Data) which HM processes automatically and incorporates into a file for the purpose of being able to provide and offer its services. This file is the responsibility of HM and is registered with the competent authority.

Due to the characteristics of the HM activity and its services and in order for it to develop and meet its targets, it may be necessary for these data to be ceded to third parties, which may include international transfers. These personal data may be transferred to companies within the HM Group and/or to other interested parties. The sole purpose of this transfer of personal data to these entities is the correct rendering of the services offered by HM.

Users making available their personal data have the right at all times to access the file and exercise their rights of rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in data protection legislation. Similarly, user’s consent to the processing and transfer of its personal data will be revocable at all times without retroactive effect, as per the provisions of Sections 6 and 11 of Spain’s Law Art. 36 del Decreto 50/1989 de 5 of july, of the Protection of Personal Data.

To this end, it will be sufficient for user to contact HM by sending an e-mail to HM guarantees that it has adopted all appropriate security measures in its installations, systems and files. Furthermore, HM guarantees the confidentiality of all Personal Data, although it may disclose to the competent authorities Personal Data as well as any other information that is in its possession or is accessible via its systems and is required by the applicable legal regulations in each case. Users of guarantee and are responsible, in all cases, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data made available and undertake to keep them duly updated.

4.- HM services are not for use by minors and HM neither requests nor collects information relating to minors.

HM may collect information through such devices as cookies or log files on the browsing habits of its users. These devices are associated exclusively with one user and its own personal computer. In these cases, HM will only use these data as a whole and with the ultimate aim of improving its services. It is possible that HM may share this information with client companies but always globally and solely for statistical purposes.

5.- Causes for exclusion

HM reserves the right to temporarily or definitively exclude a user in the following cases:

Breach of any of the General Conditions of Use established in this document.

Violation of the Law, decency or law and order.

By excluding a user, HM do not waive its right to take legal action or the compensation that may correspond to it by Law.

Right to Amend the Rules of Use

HM reserves the right, without prior warning, to unilaterally amend any of the terms and conditions of these Rules of Use, in the terms and conditions that it may deem necessary, informing users of such amendments at