La Posada
La Finca Del Monasterio La Posada La Finca Del Monasterio La Posada
La Finca Del Monasterio La Posada La Finca Del Monasterio La Posada

La Posada

In this first building owners wanted to respect the style condominiums giving it a modern touch.

The Luxury Cottage is ideal for families who want to spend some time together.

Both the lounge and the dining room have two large and cozy fireplaces. Installed in the lounge bar area and games and has a large library. Looking through the large windows seem to live in the fruit orchard in which it is nestled.

It has five spacious suites with bathroom.

Prices and Bookings

Capacity: 10 guests.

Price: 450€/night VAT included.

Minimum stay two nights.


Entry time: 14: 00h
Departure time: 12.00h
Supplement for later departure (until 3:00 p.m.): € 100
Supplement all day: € 150

Cancellation policy
La Finca del Monasterio, applies as a cancellation policy the one that applies to hotel establishments in Cantabria and that we detail below:

Art. 36 of Decree 50/1989 of July 5: The cancellation of the reservation will give the right to retain, as compensation, the following percentage of the required signal:

· 5% when the cancellation is made more than thirty days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
· 50% when done with thirty days or less and more than seven.
· 100% when done with less than seven days.

In case of advancing the departure date established in the reservation, the client, in addition to paying the days of stay, will not be entitled to the return of the deposit delivered on his / her account on account of the reservation.

NOTE: In case that for some reason the dates of the stay had to be modified, La Finca del Monasterio will accept the change whenever there is availability.

Bookings and Information

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